Dental SealantsDental sealants are thin resin based coatings that are applied to teeth that help protect them from developing cavities. Many teeth, especially molars, have grooves and pits that are deep and hard to clean. These teeth are prone to cavities no matter how well you brush, so sealants are designed to protect these kinds of teeth.

Did you know that your first “big tooth” erupts many times before you even lose your first baby tooth? Many people aren’t aware that the adult first molars erupt behind the baby molars, so these teeth often get cavities simply because they are the ones that spend the longest time in a person’s mouth. Therefore, sealants are often recommended for children to protect their adult molars from decay. Sometimes, we may recommend baby teeth to get sealants as well depending on the child’s cavity-risk level and anatomy of his/her teeth.

Applying dental sealants is fast and painless, and the result is esthetic as they are white and cannot be seen when you are talking. The tooth will be cleaned thoroughly, prepared with a bonding agent, and then the sealant will be painted on the tooth. A special bright light is then used to dry the material up quickly. Applying one sealant only takes about 1 or 2 minutes.